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Suriya Jyrk has teamed up with chef and restaurateur Lasse Askov Meyer, chef Henrik Jyrk and entrepreneur Mads Jakobsen to open Copenhagen's strongest

Pan-Asian Eatery, called Red Tiger.

It's a Fusion between Asian cooking and good organic Danish ingredients
“We are a Pan-Asian cuisine with an eatery vibe that offers bold flavors from all over Asia.

At Red Tiger, we focus on ecology, more seafood than meat, as well as lots of vegetables.

The seasons are a part of our menu as they were when I was growing up, just as the Nordic region's good ingredients must be included.

A lot of bold flavors with combinations of salt, acid, sweet, crispy, and strong.”

says Suriya Jyrk, creative director and founder of Red Tiger.

From Diner to Eatery
The restaurant that once housed the legendary diner Greasy Spoon has now replaced the heavy American dining stalls with light oak benches of their own design and a dining bar with unobstructed views of the kitchen.

During the renovation, much of the old furniture has been recycled, and it has been sawn, welded, and rebuilt so that wood and metal have been given new life.

The art, curated by Christian Andersen Gallery, will be an integral part of the visit to Red Tiger.

You like? You drink!
At Red Tiger, you can explore the wine fridge yourself and find good bottles that are extremely fairly priced. In addition, the drinks menu offers Red Tigers' own mouth-watering Red Tiger Beer, effective cocktails, homemade lemonades, and shots.

“The wine list will be a clear mix of well-described wines from the new and old world.

With us, you do not get long lectures on soil conditions and skin contact.

We serve wine according to the motto: You like? You drink, ”says Lasse Askov Meyer, who has curated the drinks and wine menu.


About the team behind Red Tiger
Suriya Jyrk was born and partly raised in Malaysia.

She is the oldest girl in the family trained in Malaysian cuisine as tradition dictates, right from when she was 12 years old looking back on the good experiences in the kitchen

with warmth and pride.

Chef and restaurateur Lasse Askov Meyer is already behind Kombo, Picnic,

and Prolog Coffee Bar.

Entrepreneur Mads Peter Jakobsen is i.a. founder of Kødbyens Fiskebar.

And last but not least chef and husband Henrik Jyrk who is a former founder of Among other things KUL and Ibu. 

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